Yoga Bandhas – How to Learn the Bandhas

Taking for granted that one has already practiced purakas and rechakas of ten and twenty seconds respectively, for a month or so, one should, on the first day, introduce holding of breath in the last round, for ten seconds.

After completing the puraka, both the nostrils should be closed, the right one with the thumb, and the left one with the last two fingers.

The head should be lowered down in the front, and the chin set against the jugular notch below the throat. This technique is known as “jalandhara-bandha.”

It should become “panied by two other bandhas called respectively “mulabandha”. and “uddiyana-bandha”.

The former involves contraction of the anus, the latter, contraction of the pelvis (lower abdomen). These three bandhas are supposed to have a special significance.

After holding the breath for ten seconds after the putaka through the left nostril, the head may be taken to its normal erect position, the muscles of the anus and pelvis are relased, and then rechaka and the next puraka are made through the right nostril.

Kumbhaka is then made, which is followed by rechaka through the left nostril.

The number of rounds involving kwnbhakas may be increased by two per week,so that within five to six weeks all the ten rounds would include holding of breath.

After practising twenty kumbhakas (of ten seconds duration each) every day for about a month, the duration of each kumbhaka may be slowly increased to fifteen seconds.

This would be achieved in about a month and a half, and may be practiced regularly for nearly a month. Then the time may be progressively increased to twenty seconds.

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