Why the right Yoga Equipment(s) matters ?

It is no brainer..

Yoga involves various postures and movements.

Many of yoga postures are simple and not very strenuous, except when one does power yoga. Some postures in yoga require supports and this is where yoga equipment plays an important role.

For instance, you should always ensure that the yoga outfit that you use is always comfortable for you and stylish in the same manner. You should never overlook the significance of your yoga accessories; whether you are an average beginner or a more advanced student.

This is basically because yoga accessories maximize the exercise experience when practicing yoga. They also affect the comfort and enjoyment one receives from doing yoga.

Below is a comprehensive list of the best yoga accessories to
enhance your practice.

High quality Yoga mattress

The first thing which should be considered while selecting yoga accessories is mattress.

A durable, soft and comfortable mattress will help a lot in enhancing your practice experience.

While selecting, you should give prime importance to thickness, material, and texture of the product. A mat with adequate thickness and flexibility will be good for yoga practice.

It should give comfort while performing sitting and lying postures. It should carry a simple and easy to clean texture too.

Just give best of your efforts and focus on comfort while selecting an efficient mattress for yoga practice.

Water bottle

After picking a mattress, you should select an appropriate water bottle too.

The task of picking a perfect bottle is not so difficult. All you have to do is just select a sturdy bottle which can keep water chilled.

A thermos with efficient cooling system will be
good as it can hold juices too. Your practice session can improve a lot by selecting a durable and efficient water bottle.

Yoga DVDs

The next essential accessory is yoga DVDs.

While conducting a practice session, you should pick an appropriate yoga DVD. A good DVD can prove extremely beneficial when you are practicing at home.

It can teach you efficient moves and can give a better way to improve your practice. So, conduct a proper search and look for popular DVDs by trained yoga practitioners.

You can also search on internet to find a reliable DVD for practice.


The next accessory which should be considered is a towel. It helps a lot while performing hot yoga exercises.

You can pick an appropriate towel by shopping for absorbent and quick dry qualities. A towel which absorbs sweat quickly and dries easily will be perfect for yoga practice.

Detoxifying exercises always require high quality towels.


Yoga exercises require you to stretch and bend and assume postures that reverse your normal ones.

This means that you need to take care of the clothes you wear during these exercises so that they do not come in your way or distract you, but help you concentrate on the exercise instead.

If you are practicing at home, you might be tempted to wear any old dress. Whether you’re practicing at home or outside, there are certain basic rules that you need to keep in mind.

Your clothing should be comfortable, while at the same time being neither too loose nor too tight.

If you wear loose clothing, it might fall over your face, for example when you do exercises that involve standing on your shoulders or head.

Tight clothes are going to prevent you from having enough flexibility that is required to do your exercises properly. The clothing should be such that you are not worried about unintentional exposure.

The clothing should be such that it does not distract you from your exercises and meditation. You should be able to find appropriate clothing in a sports apparel shop or in online stores.

Yoga benches

These benches help in meditations as it can provide ease and comfort because of its cushion and support.

There are also good benches that molds with the shape of the body to provide better barrier to lean against when doing any kind of  breathing and stretching exercises.

Yoga Pants

These  aren’t just for doing yoga anymore!

Browse through any catalog that sells women’s or children’s clothing and you will find yoga pants matched up with
hoodies or other athletic tops.

They come in a variety of styles, materials, and colors. You actually can never have too many pairs of these ultra-comfortable pants, whether you actually do yoga or not.

Yoga Toes

This is yet another accessory that is quite essential for those who do yoga. Just as the name sounds, it is an exercise device for your feet. They basically hold your toes in the appropriate position to prevent or treat foot problems like hammer toes.

Yoga Bolsters

These are used as supports for specific kinds of yoga poses.

They are also used by starters who are beginning out and aren’t adequately flexible.

One technique that uses a bolster is by placing it under your hips when in Asanas (lotus or cross-legged seated position).

Another one is plow pose or Halasana whereby you lie on your
back with your feet up over your head.

Yoga Blocks

These are used as hands’ extensions when in such poses that it would be difficult trying to reach the floor with the hand alone.

They are approximately nine inches by six inches by three or four inches and hence they can be used at various heights depending on what is required by the person exercising.

Bolsters are exclusively beneficial during the first weeks of yoga for starters so that they don’t strain too much to injure  themselves.

Yoga Straps

Just like a block, a yoga strap is used to help adapt to stretches and positions that might turn out to be distressing for beginners.

Examples of stretches in which a yoga strap happen to be very
useful include most of the seated forward bends.

Most yoga straps vary in length starting from 6 to 9 feet long and are made of soft hemp or cotton. Similar  to a belt, there is a buckle therefore you can adjust the length to fit your reach.


Get yourself yoga equipment that you are comfortable with and you’ll find that you can do your yoga poses and exercises more comfortably and more easily.

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