Power Yoga or the New Age Yoga

Who else wants to do Power Yoga?

Power Yoga is a new age mantra and you would probably have heard this term many times over in recent times. Or maybe you’ve already gotten lured and started practicing power yoga.

Whether you have already started the practice of power yoga or are still thinking about it, it wouldn’t harm to know some more about the nature as well as the benefits that power yoga provides.

Ashtanga Yoga:

Did you know that, Ashtanga, an ancient Indian yogic practice is as old as the hills?

But it has gained popularity in recent years in the west where it has been renamed Power Yoga.


Power Yoga lays utmost emphasis on developing the physiological flexibility of an individual. It inculcates the virtues of self-discipline, which is the basis of obtaining well-being.

The name power yoga is apt in that it applies to a form of yoga that is more vigorous than the traditional yoga practice.

Based primarily on fitness:

It is based primarily on fitness and involves a whole gamut of movements that aim to boost and improve physical well-being and health.

Here’s the deal:

Power yoga requires a lot of concentration, which goes towards promoting mental stability as well. Beginners of power yoga should take it slow and easy.

It is an intense practice and you could end up injuring yourself if you do it wrong.

Power Yoga is similar to traditional yoga in that it involves a series of poses done fluidly.

Proper breathing practice


These poses are accompanied by proper breathing practice, known as Vinyasa. The principles of yoga state that every movement is capable of yielding a sense of unity and grace, which is further enhanced by proper breathing techniques.

Vigorous practice

Power Yoga may seem to involve easy and free flowing techniques and positions. But that thinking is very wrong. Power Yoga is a vigorous practice involving intense pushing and contorting of muscles.

You need to concentrate completely on your limbic parts, which are the targets of the movement.

Another aspect worth knowing is that the techniques that are involved in the practice of Power Yoga could vary.

Some poses are to be held for longer times than expected whereas the others have to be done rapidly, in less than the normally stipulated five-breath timing.

But wait – there’s more.

Power Yoga poses are specifically derived from the ‘Sun Salutation’ positions, which are considered the basis of all yoga positions.


The novice yoga performer would do well not to practice some of the advanced Power Yoga positions, as they could be a bit risky.

Warming up

One of the most important considerations while practicing Power Yoga is the warming up session. Just like any other physical activity, warm ups are highly recommended.

The difference though is that in Power Yoga warm ups are done mainly to stretch your muscles for increased flexibility and relaxation.

What’s the bottom line?

Power Yoga as well its warm up session is ideally done in a heated room so as to let the body reach its optimum flexibility level. It is been recommended that Power Yoga be practiced only by those who are physically fit.

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